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Dingell Cautions Snyder Against Signing Right-to-Work Law


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman John D. Dingell (D-MI15) voiced strong opposition to passage of right-to-work legislation by the Michigan State House of Representatives.

"There is no need or reason for this legislation," said Dingell. "By forcing this issue through the legislature, Republicans in the State House and Senate have kicked open a hornet's nest that could have been avoided altogether. Michigan's industrial heritage is in large part defined by the labor movement, and Republican and Democratic state lawmakers alike have worked to safeguard it. All this right-to-work bill does is cut the legs out from under middle-class Michigan families and bring on further needless political conflict. I urge Governor Snyder to be reasonable, uphold the sensible legacies of former Republican Governors George Romney and Bill Milliken, and veto what the Michigan legislature has sent him."

The Michigan House of Representatives approved H.B. 4003 by a vote of 58-51. Governor Snyder has indicated he will sign the bill into law immediately.

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