Congressman Gary Peters calls for Governor Rick Snyder to Veto Right to Work Legislation


By:  Gary Peters
Date: Dec. 11, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

In response to the Michigan State House passing the so-called "right to work" bill, Congressman Gary Peters called on Governor Rick Snyder to do the right thing and veto this divisive, anti-worker legislation. Snyder, who stated for years that this was not part of his agenda, has caused national controversy for his outrageous and reckless action to ram this bill through the state legislature.

"After spending years telling us that "right to work for less' legislation was off the table, Governor Snyder has created an embarrassing national spectacle by doing a full flip flop on this issue," said U.S. Rep. Gary Peters. "Perhaps most disturbing of all, Governor Snyder and his right wing allies used every trick in the book to prevent the people from being able to hold a referendum vote on this issue. All the while, Governor Snyder has refused to take any responsibility for these dirty tricks by trying to hide behind Republican legislators. Make no mistake about it, if Governor Snyder signs this bill, he owns all of it. Rick Snyder has one last chance to stop listening to the Koch Brothers and start listening to the thousands of hard working Michiganders in the streets of Lansing today. For the sake of the future of our state and for the millions of Michiganders who will see their incomes stagnate if this becomes law, I urge Governor Snyder to do the right thing and veto this bill."

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