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Congresswoman Jenkins Discusses Fiscal Cliff During House Republican Leadership Presser


Location: Washington, DC

At the House Republican Leadership's weekly press conference today, Conference Vice Chair Lynn Jenkins said the president's failure to put forth a balanced plan with real spending reforms is delaying Congress's ability to prevent the fiscal cliff from harming hardworking Americans. Click here for the video of her remarks.

"There is something we can all agree on, and that is: spending more money than we take in got us into this mess, and cutting spending is the only way to get us out.

"Even if we agreed to 100 percent of the President's tax increases AND eliminated the Department of Defense, we would still be in the red next year. The math speaks for itself. Our debt is out of control, because our spending is out of control, and severe debt has a real impact on Americans' lives.

"We have a rare opportunity to make some tough choices and put America back on the right track. I hope the President will come to this realization very soon and provide some leadership by proposing a real solution with real spending reforms."

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