The Harmful Effects of the Fiscal Cliff on the Environment


By:  Mike Quigley
Date: Dec. 13, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mister speaker, I rise because whether you call it a fiscal cliff or a slope, there's no denying the environmental wreckage hitting a metaphoric ledge will have.

Under the sequester -- the National Park Service would likely have to close national parks, campgrounds and visitor centers.

Under the sequester, widespread rural job loss, weaker wildfire management, closure of trails and campgrounds, poor maintenance of forest roads, unprocessed recreational permits, and greater invasive species growth is forecasted.

Under the sequester, $148 million would be taken away from the U.S. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program, which would be:

"equivalent to cutting the solar energy program at the Department of Energy in half, or equal to eliminating the entire wind and geothermal energy programs,"

Fiscal cliff, slope -- the environment knows no difference. We must act, and we must act today. Thank you.

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