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MSNBC "Meet The Press" - Transcript


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GREGORY: I want to turn now to the Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy. Governor, welcome to MEET THE PRESS. I am profoundly sorry that we are doing this interview this morning. I have to ask you about the last 48 hours and what they have been like. Can you describe it?

GOV. DANNEL P. MALLOY (D-CT): Sure. I have got a-- received a call at our office that a shooting had taken place at a school here in Newtown. Once we understood at least a portion of what had happened, got in the car and proceeded down to-- to Newtown from-- from Hartford. And then, you know, hours went by. And ultimately had to break it to the families, about 20 of the families were represented in the room at the firehouse that their loved one was-- was not going to be joined with them. And that obviously was a tough moment for me. And I think for everyone. And, by the way, I shouldn't even say that. I mean, so much tougher for people who've lost a wife or a child. But it was-- it's been a couple of tough days.

GREGORY: What do you know now-- as we talk to Pete Williams about the investigation, do you have any more information that you're yet getting from your investigators that would explain why he targeted this school, why he went on this rampage at all?

GOV. MALLOY: You know, as I think was stated, he had a relationship to the school, had attended there. At least that's what I'm led to believe. And-- but-- but beyond that, no, we really don't know a whole lot. This is a very deeply-troubled individual. Obviously you can't do the things that-- that this individual did without any obvious motive, without having been-- being greatly disturbed. And that's what happened. And I heard…

GREGORY: Is there documented mental health history, Governor, that you're now aware of?

GOV. MALLOY: Well, you know, if you play the description that you-- that you already did on the show, I mean, this is not a person who maintained normal relationships. And I think, you know, there will be more time for stuff to come out and for us to understand more directly what was going on in this young person's life. But clearly he was mentally disturbed.

GREGORY: The president is coming to visit and to-- to share in the grief and to try to console those in-- in the community. Where would you like the national conversation to go in the most constructive direction now?

GOV. MALLOY: Well, you know, we are unfortunately a violent society. We have about 32-33,000 deaths by use of a gun each year. About 18,000 of those are self-inflicted. I mean, there is a certain reality that if you have a gun in your home the chances that that's going to be used against you or against a family member, you know, just-- that's what happens. And in this particular case, someone tried-- decided to take those three guns…


GOV. MALLOY: …and proceed to a school and literally slaughter people.

GREGORY: Would you like to see…

GOV. MALLOY: So I think it always-- well, I-- what I will-- what would I like to see? I think that there's certain problems that we have in our society that have to be addressed. We-- we don't treat the mentally ill well. We don't reach out to families that are in trouble particularly well. We allow the Assault Weapons Ban to lapse. There are lots of issues that need to be taken on as a society and have a reasonable discussion about how we help families in trouble, how we make progress in treating folks, how we intervene. Having said all of that, in our particular state, we have laws that are probably more aggressive than most states. The mere presence of this kind of weapon means that this kind of weapon can-- can be used in the way that it's been used here or have been used in-- in other situations.

GREGORY: Governor, our thoughts and prayers are with you and with all of those families most directly affected by this. I really appreciate your time this morning.

GOV. MALLOY: Thank you.


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