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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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SCHULTZ: Tonight, workers are planning to stage massive rallies at the state house tomorrow. Security is tight. The governor could sign the bill within the next 24 hours.

Let`s turn to Congressman Gary Peters of Michigan, and also Cindy Estrada, vice president of the United Auto Workers. Great to have both of you with us.

First of all you, congressman. You were in that meeting today. How determined do you think Governor Snyder is to get this thing done, when he has said previously that this was not one of his top priorities?

REP. GARY PETERS (D), MICHIGAN: He seemed very determined in that meeting, which was really quite surprising. As you said, he has been saying over and over again, this is not part of his agenda, not something that he wanted to move forward. And yet we`ve seen a 180-degree switch right after the election.
And now he is bound and determined to push this through. This is a bill that will undermine labor unions in the state that really created the labor movement in America. He wants to push it through. He listened to us. But I don`t think it had made any difference in his mind.

And what I think is particularly outrageous is not only does he want to push this through, he wants to do it in such a way as to prevent the people of the state of Michigan to actually have a vote. And one of the things that we asked in that meeting is that if this bill is signed into law, take out an appropriation.

They put into this bill a one million dollar appropriation. And under our state Constitution, if there is an appropriation, you cannot have a public referendum from the people getting out there and signing petitions. So using a Parliamentary technique, he is trying to stifle the ability for the people in the state of Michigan to stand up for something that is absolutely critical for the middle class in our state.


SCHULTZ: Moving forward here, the only option you have here is 2014.
Congressman, in some way, could this really solidify Democrats going into a
midterm where they`re going to be needed?

PETERS: I think it will. It`s going to energize people who understand that we had a governor who said that he was about bringing people together, and instead he is driving a major wedge in our state, at a time when our economy is recovering as a result of the auto industry recovering, and all the work that President Obama has done.

At a time when our economy is coming back, instead of bringing people together, he is driving a wedge between people. This is energizing people.
It`s an emotional issue. And I believe that people are going to turn out and make sure that their voices are heard. In fact, we expect to see that tomorrow on the grounds of the state capitol when thousands of people have their voice heard.

I just hope the people inside the capitol actually listen.


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