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Congressman Cantor: Making Life Work for More Virginians


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) addressed members of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce at their annual Congressional Luncheon on Capitol Hill. The following are excerpts from his remarks on business growth and competitiveness:

"I want to thank the Chamber for releasing their blueprint for the Commonwealth. I know that the General Assembly session is about to begin in Richmond and a lot of those issues will be discussed. There is one thing that can continue to unite us as Virginians, and that is competitiveness for Virginia. We have always put the sign up saying that we welcome businesses to Virginia and that we are open for business."

"We understand that the Commonwealth's economy is largely premised on the ability and willingness for entrepreneurs and investors to take a risk. To say that they are going to put their capital to work, take a risk and grow so more folks can go to work and frankly life can work for more people in Virginia."

"We have limitless challenges right now, but to see a room like this with bipartisan representation of the Virginia delegation, House and Senate, I think says we are taking very seriously that Virginia is a huge piece of our national defense and our national economy."

"We look forward to trying to solve these problems together and get beyond the fiscal cliff so we can go about doing what we do best in Virginia and that is attracting more people and more capital so life can work better in our Commonwealth."

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