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Rockefeller Applauds Administration for Expanding Medicaid as Health Reform Laws Calls For


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Jay Rockefeller today issued the following statement supporting the Administration's decision to implement the health reform law and require states to either fully expand Medicaid or the federal government will do it.

"The Administration's decision is great news for millions of Americans, and it stays true to the intent of the health reform law," said Rockefeller. "Without such a decision, states could have forced struggling families across the country who can't otherwise afford coverage, to go without it. The Medicaid expansion creates about half of the health reform law's gains in insurance coverage and without it, the full positive impact of the law dissolves.

"States still have an extremely important choice to make. They can accept generous federal support, or go their own way. But the facts are very clear. Medicaid is one of the most efficient ways to provide health coverage. By making sure millions of uninsured Americans have coverage, it reduces health care costs for everyone else."

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