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Lieberman Condemns North Korean Rocket Launch, Urges Closer Cooperation Among Asia-Pacific Allies


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (I-CT) issued the following statement today in response to the North Korean rocket launch:

"North Korea's rocket launch is yet another reminder of that regime's determination to develop the capacity to directly threaten the American homeland, as well as the security of our allies across the Asia-Pacific region. In responding to this provocation, the United States must first and foremost stand united with our closest regional allies, South Korea and Japan. This means redoubling our efforts to deepen bilateral defense and intelligence cooperation with Seoul and Tokyo, as well as fostering more trilateral cooperation among our three democracies. We must also work with other key allies in the Asia-Pacific, such as the Philippines and Australia, to enhance our regional defense posture. And we must continue to call on the People's Republic of China, North Korea's sole ally in the world, to take steps to isolate Pyongyang for its violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions. Finally, for the United States, North Korea's rocket launch reinforces the importance and urgency of fully developing and deploying our missile defense programs both at home and in partnership with our allies abroad."

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