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Straight Talk: Taxing Job Creators Isn't the Answer



Dear Friends,

Small business owners are deeply concerned about the President's insistence on raising taxes on them, especially since it does very little to solve the nation's fiscal problems. Over the past week, more than 300 small business owners responded to our "Small Biz Open Mic" and overwhelmingly expressed strong opposition to the President's plan to raise taxes on income over $250,000, which hits almost a million "pass though" businesses. These small business responses illustrate the wide gap between the President's proposal and economic reality. His tax increases at best offer a small down payment on the massive yearly deficit -- at the expense of new jobs and growth. Small businesses already have a bleak hiring outlook.

The President's one-sided proposal focuses almost entirely on taxes while largely ignoring the need for significant spending reductions to move toward a balanced budget. Yet his plan to tax job creators only raises enough money to reduce the deficit by 8% over the next ten years. That isn't a solution. Washington must begin serious reform of its overspending problem, or this year's fiscal cliff is just a harbinger of a worsening and recurring fiscal crisis.

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