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Congress in Your Inbox: Preventing the "Fiscal Cliff"


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Dear Friend,

I hope you had a relaxing and joyful Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season finds you well.

With 2012 nearing an end, here in Washington, D.C. Congress faces a looming and unprecedented threat to our fiscal stability and national well-being. The impending cuts scheduled to hit at the end of the year, coupled with expiring tax cuts would not only undermine our still fragile economy, but would have major implications for the future of some of our most vital resources, such as the armed services.

Recently, I sent a letter to President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, in which I called for immediate action to prevent America from falling off the "fiscal cliff." I urged for a resolution that will bring the American budget back into balance to help spur economic growth.

Since being elected, I have pushed for a balanced deficit reduction plan. Last year I joined 101 of my colleagues, including 42 Republicans, in a strong, bipartisan effort to push congressional leaders to make a big down payment on the debt. I also voted to reduce the deficit by $2.1 trillion, including more than $900 billion in discretionary spending cuts, and to extend the middle class tax cuts for 98% of Americans while allowing the tax cuts for the top 2% of earners to expire, saving more than $800 billion in deficit reduction. Likewise, I have consistently called for closing loopholes that allowed companies like Exxon Mobil to avoid paying any federal income taxes even as they made billions of dollars in profit.

I pledge to continue working with my colleagues to find a responsible path for deficit reduction to avoid the destructive impact of the automatic cuts.

Please be sure to scroll down to read about some of the other issues I have been working on. As always, I hope that you continue to provide me with your thoughts, feedback, and opinions on these or any other subjects via my website or on Facebook and Twitter.

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