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Schakowsky Statement on Democratic Discharge Petition to Extend Middle Class Tax Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

"I hope my Republican colleagues will join me in signing the discharge petition so that we can give middle-class and low-income families some piece of mind this holiday season. If Republicans continue to hold hostage the middle-class tax cuts in order to protect the top 2 percent, a typical family of four will see their income taxes rise by $2,200 next year. Not only would that be financially painful for working American families, but it would hurt our economic recovery, which depends on middle-class consumer demand.

"Extending the tax cuts for income up to $250,000 means that every taxpayer in America gets to keep their tax breaks up to that level. All we are saying is that the wealthiest 2% should contribute a little bit more so that we can protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and continue to make investments in job creation, education, transportation, and scientific and medical research. Asking those who can afford it to pay a little more is a necessary step in moving forward on our fiscal challenges in a balanced way."

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