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Roskam: White House Must Put Forward Spending Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

"President Obama has an unbelievable opportunity to be a transformational president.

That is to bring the country together uniquely, and solve this debt problem in ways that other presidents haven't really had that opportunity. Or he can dissolve into zero sum game politics, where he wins and other people lose.

I've seen an attribute in President Obama when I served with him in the state senate, where he was able to rise above donkeys and elephants and transform some very controversial issues in a way that was powerful.

And it's my hope that President Obama rises to this opportunity, avoids this zero sum game splash, and instead leads the nation in ways that only one person can do: that is the President of the United States.

House Republicans are prepared to get to yes--House Republicans are not prepared to get to foolish. It is foolish to reject President Obama's own self-described architecture of three dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in new revenue. We're prepared to work, we call on the White House to do the same."

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