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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Urges President Obama to Expedite Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) were joined by over 90 Members of the House of Representatives in sending a bipartisan letter to President Obama, calling for an accelerated end to the war in Afghanistan.

"Our responsibility to our men and women in uniform in Afghanistan is as important as ever," said Lee. "As Pentagon military advisors prepare to present President Obama with a set of recommendations for U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, we owe it to our troops to earnestly deliberate our defense policies.

"Now that the President has accomplished every goal that was originally set in Afghanistan and it is widely accepted that there is no military solution in the country, it is time to bring home our brave men and women in uniform and transition to full Afghan control. After 10 years and $600 billion invested in an unstable country, it is past time to end this war. This war has taken the lives of more than 2,000 members of the armed services and wounded another 18,000. Our troops have done everything we have asked of them, but they cannot be tasked with building up a modern nation state. It is time to bring our troops and tax dollars home.

"We have an opportunity to ensure that our brave troops are brought home in a swift and responsible manner so that we can create jobs and engage in nation-building here at home. The overwhelming majority of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, believe it is time to bring a responsible end to the war in Afghanistan."

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