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Congressman Cantor Discusses Israel and Pro-Growth Solutions To Fix the Economy On MSNBC and FOX News


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Raising Taxes Will Not Solve The Spending Problem. We don't think that raising tax rates is something that is good for this economy or that will help grow jobs. We have said there are ways for the federal government to have more revenue if we grow this economy and engage in tax reform. That is the proposal we have on the table. Let's remember what all this is about. You could put taxes at 100 percent on the wealthy and not solve the problem of the spending. We have got to get to the problem and stop digging this hole in terms of spending money we don't have. You're running a trillion dollars of deficit every year. The proposals we put on the table stop that. We're looking at the President to come forward with his ideas. FOX News

Small Business Owners Should Be Able To Keep More Of Their Own Money. I met a gentleman who had taken a job as a cook in an airport restaurant. He told me, please fix this problem because I want to get back to my profession, which was construction and the real estate industry. He said, please, we need more jobs, I need to go back to where my skill set is best used. What I would say is, if there's a small-business person out there in Montana, and if you're saying to him that you're going to raise taxes, there will be less money in his pocket to hire this gentleman away from being a cook and back to the profession he wants so he can make the kind of money he's looking to make. So that's number one. Number two, we as Republicans in the House, we're coming to the table having put very specific ideas into the debate about how you fix the spending problem. That we have to do, because I don't care if you raised taxes 100 percent on the wealthy, you're not going to fix the deficit problem. We've got to have the President step up and say here's my position on how we reform the entitlements and start managing down this debt and deficit. MSNBC Morning Joe

We Must Reform Entitlements To Spur Economic Growth. At end of the day the American people elected and re-elected a House Majority based on trying to resolve and fix the problem. Right now the problem still remains that unemployment is too high and the growth rate in this economy is too slow. How are we going to fix that? That's what the folks at home are looking at. They are not clamoring to say, hey, let me pay more money into Washington, especially if Washington can't get a hold of the underlying problem on the entitlements and the unfunded liabilities in these Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid programs. If the President is serious about joining us and fixing the problem he ought to be putting ObamaCare on the table, there is no question in my mind, that is the largest expansion of government programs that we've seen. FOX News

Egypt Must Continue To Stand With Us On The Side Of Freedom For Israel. I think all of us were glad to see the fighting stop, at least for the interim. The real concern is whether it will happen again and what condition is Hamas in. We know that the reports have indicated that Iran continues to ship long-range rockets into Hamas, into Gaza for Hamas's use, and obviously to rain terror on innocent Israelis...At the end of the day we've got to look to whether our ally Egypt is going to fall in line…President Morsi was very active in talking with the Israelis and Hamas and involved in the ceasefire. But I think it is up to him now to demonstrate that he is going to stand with us, going to honor that peace treaty with Israel that is so important to U.S. interests in the region, and actually facilitate what all of us would like to see there, which is freedom for more Egyptians. MSNBC Morning Joe

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