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Kucinich Questions U.S. Involvement in Expanding Conflict in Syria: "Is This Why We Need A Tax Increase?"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who led Congress to limit our intervention in Libya, today warned that following the same Libya playbook in Syria would lead to similar chaos, wider conflict and increased instability in a volatile region of the world. He questioned, "Is this why we need a tax increase? More money for more war?"

The full text of his remarks follows.

"The same geniuses who involved the U.S. in a war against Libya, who knocked off the pro-U.S. Libyan government, who created in Benghazi an extremist shooting gallery which has claimed four American lives including our ambassador, who have not been held accountable or responsible for those events, who have opened the door for radical fundamentalists to run roughshod over Libya -- these same "experts' are working out of the same playbook for Syria.

"Assad was no angel, but he was not a significant threat to the U.S. Apparently, flush from the "success' in Libya, the Administration is preparing to ratchet up the war in Syria. Why?

"Would Qatar, our partner in Libya, be supplying surface-to-air missiles to rebels in Syria without the support of this Administration?

"NATO, meaning the U.S., discusses putting missiles in Turkey which could create a de facto no-fly zone over northwestern Syria, expanding the war.

"Is this why we need a tax increase? More money for more war? Really?"

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