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Reed Highlights Need to Support Long-Term Peace in the Middle East; Congressman Hopes Recent Cease-Fire is First Step in a Long Process


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Rep. Tom Reed is highlighting the importance of establishing long-term peace in Gaza. "Just ten days ago, we were faced with a situation of serious ground-force violence in Israel and Gaza," he said today. "Now, we are looking at a situation of tenuous peace that I am optimistic will start the process for a long-term peace that can be established between Israel and Hamas."

"It is a good sign that the recent cease fire agreement is holding," Reed observed. "There has been a tremendous loss of life and our thoughts and prayers remain with those affected on both sides of the border."

The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas reached last week is a first step in what Reed says is sure to be a long road to peace. "The history between Israel and Hamas has been unstable at best -- the recent agreement is a positive initial step toward a more secure, peaceful relationship."

Reed recently supported a House resolution which condemned the attacks on innocent civilians and supported Israel's right to self defense in the conflict with Hamas. The resolution passed unanimously.

"This bipartisan resolution sends a clear message to the rest of the world that the United States has made a firm commitment to our ally and friend Israel and we will continue to stand with them in the face of any indiscriminate violence its citizens are threatened with," continued Reed. "While we stand with Israel, we hope for peace and better understanding for all sides in Gaza."

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