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Berkley Statement on Israel - Hamas Cease-Fire Agreement


Location: Las Vegas, NV

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today released the following statement on the recent cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas:

"I welcome this cease-fire agreement and am hopeful it marks the end of rocket attacks and other violence aimed at Israeli communities and families.

"I also applaud the role of the White House and Secretary of State Clinton in helping to broker this truce. Unfortunately this temporary fix does not eliminate the need for true and lasting peace.

"I long for a permanent resolution that provides for a side-by-side Palestinian State that can exist in peace alongside Israel, but such an agreement will never happen until Hamas permanently renounces violence and publicly recognizes Israel's right to exist as a Jewish nation.

"That is why we must support Israel's right to defend its borders and its citizens from any renewed attack and respect the right of our trusted ally Israel to do what is necessary for self protection in the face of daily threats from Hamas and its terrorist allies -- including Iran.

"And why we should reject international pressure on Israel to halt its pursuit of terrorist leaders when Hamas continues to use Gaza as a launching pad for missiles that have inflicted death and destruction on Israeli cities."

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