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Pearce: We Must Stand With Our Ally Israel


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Steve Pearce issued the following statement in response to Hamas' attacks on Israel:

"The people of Israel are in my thoughts and prayers today. Just last week I toured the region's Egypt-Gaza border, and I saw firsthand what little ground stands between Israel and their enemies. These recent attacks should remind the world what Israel is up against on a daily basis. Here at home, Americans must stand with them in their time of need. As a civilized society, we must stand against those who indiscriminately attack innocent civilians.

"Throughout our existence, America has been the voice of liberty for the world. Simply, our friends in Israel want the freedom to exist in peace, freedom to live without the threat of attack. I call on my colleagues in Congress, and the President, to join with me in firm support of our strongest ally in the Middle East."

Rep. Pearce spent Veterans Day weekend visiting with New Mexico National Guard troops on the Egypt-Gaza border, meeting with officers, and touring key areas of the region.

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