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Rep. Hank Johnson stands up for Ambassador Susan Rice


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) recently signed onto a House of Representatives statement of support of United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice.

Ambassador Rice has come under attack in recent weeks by Republican senators, who have politicized the tragic deaths of four Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Libya last month.

"Over the last several days, a number of officials have waged unfair character attacks and unjustifiable criticisms against Ambassador Rice," said Rep. Johnson. "We will not stand idly by without denouncing these blatant character assassinations."

Excerpt from the statement:

"Over the last several days, Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte have gone to extraordinary lengths to level unfair attacks against a stalwart American whose public service spans two administrations. In particular, Mr. McCain's assertion that Ambassador Rice is "unqualified" is unsettling. It is disappointing that someone who has served his nation with distinction -- both in the Navy and the U.S. Senate -- would stoop to petty politics rather than direct precious time and energy to discussions around the safety and security of our foreign service and civil servants.

We call on Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte to immediately retract their troubling remarks and shift focus to the important and critical security concerns of our diplomats abroad."

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