Rep. Schiff Calls for Bipartisan Compromise on the "Fiscal Cliff"


By:  Adam Schiff
Date: Nov. 20, 2012
Location: Unknown

Rep. Schiff recently appeared on MSNBC and CNBC to discuss the upcoming "fiscal cliff". On Friday, President Barack Obama met with Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle and expressed optimism that Congress can reach an agreement before the end of the year to avert harmful tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts.

During one of the interviews, Schiff detailed his belief that coming to an agreement will require a shared sacrifice that results in spending cuts and new revenues. "This is a shared responsibility. Both Senate and House leadership, and the White House are going to have to come together. These problems are simply too large for either party to solve alone. And I think that's what the country wants us to do."

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