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Louisville Courier-Journal - Senator Rand Paul Writes on Foreign Aid


Location: Unknown

By Senator Rand Paul

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, I supported the war in Afghanistan. I support the position that no nation or faction should ever be allowed to attack America without swift and overwhelming reprisal.

I cheered when our Navy Seals got bin Laden, I've applauded the bravery of our young soldiers, and I've mourned their deaths and injuries. But I also believe that supporting our troops doesn't end when they come home. I support veterans' benefits. My budget protects VA funding and recently, I introduced legislation that would take foreign aid from countries that disrespect us and divert it to veterans.

Senate Democrats blocked a vote on my measure, which would have tripled the funding for the recent veteran's bill. More privately, my wife Kelley and I have been honored to work with to build houses for soldiers severely injured in war. This great organization is already building houses here in Kentucky.

It makes my heart ache to learn that more American soldiers have been killed this year by our Afghan "allies" than by the Taliban. It is time to come home from Afghanistan. It makes my blood boil to hear our "ally," Afghan President Karzai, disrespect us and say that he would side with Pakistan if America were to be at war with Pakistan.

When the media decries of lack of bipartisanship, they fail to mention that I joined with many Democratic senators to write the President to encourage him to speed up our exit from Afghanistan. The media has been equally silent when I joined with our Democrat governor to write the President seeking a waiver from No Child Left Behind.

Perhaps, the lack of bipartisanship is, at times, a lack of reporting the occasions when true bipartisanship does occur.

While I am not a supporter of President Obama, I hope attention will be paid to my crossing the aisle to support bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and to find funding for Kentucky bridges. These attempts at bipartisanship should be reported, if not for the sake of fairness, maybe for the noble goal of saving the lives of young American soldiers.

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