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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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SCHULTZ: Joining me now is congressman-elect Patrick Murphy of Florida, who
beat Allen West for his house seat.

Congratulations, Mr. Murphy. Good to have you on "the Ed Show" tonight.

REP. PATRICK MURPHY (D), FLORIDA: Thanks, Ed. Thanks for having me tonight.

SCHULTZ: You know, you are exactly what Republicans love to put up in
front of a crowd. You are a successful businessman. You understands small
business. I have done some research on your background. What was the
difference? Did the rhetoric of Allen West really put you in this seat?
MURPHY: Well, it was a few things. It started off with his rhetoric.
You know, that offended a lot of Republicans. We were getting phone calls
from Republicans saying Patrick look, we`re tired of the tea party. We are
tired of Allen West. We want someone with your background as a CPA, as a
small business owner representing us.

So, it was part of my campaign about showing the difference between
Allen West and myself. But also, talking about what I want to do going
forward and why I thought I was the better candidate moving this country

SCHULTZ: One of the right wing talking points is that the Democrats
have put so many regulations on small businesses. I`d like you to speak to

MURPHY: Sure. Well, when it comes to things like regulations. It`s
not about more or less regulation, it`s about smarter regulation. I spent
about four years as an au auditor for numerous fortune 500 companies
looking at a lot of regulation such as (INAUDIBLE). I have seen firsthand
what works and what doesn`t. Then my time cleaning up the BP oil spill,
saw a lot of regulations there and what needs to be done to make those more
transparent and easier for businesses to understand. And unfortunately,
there`s such a big difference when it comes to regulations as to how they
apply to the fortunate 500 companies and how they apply to the small
business in the mom and pops trying to make it.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Murphy, you said in a debate that you would draw
the line at a million dollars when it comes to raising taxes. President
Obama wants people making $250,000 and more to pay taxes. That`s a
difference between you and the president. If the president asks for your
vote tonight, would you give it to him or hold the line at a million
dollars? Where do you stand on tax revenue?

MURPHY: Sure. Well, being a CPA, I have studied the tax code. And
unfortunately, it`s riddled with loopholes and deductions. If we`re going
to be serious about, you know, making sure we don`t fall off the fiscal
cliff, that we do have economic stability going forward, we`re going to
have to really look at our tax code from scratch.

And I said the million dollars because so many businesses out there
want to keep that money invested in their companies. So that`s why I have
the line at a million dollars. But if we`re going to be serious, you know,
first thing I said I want do is sit down with a Republican and find that
compromise to ensure that we move the country forward in a sustainable

SCHULTZ: OK. But the president wants to extend the Bush tax cuts and
the tax rate for the lower 98 percent income earners. You would be against

MURPHY: Well, of course, I don`t want to raise taxes on the middle
class, but I`m fiscally more conservative than the president. So that`s
where I stand. I`m not saying I wouldn`t compromise because there`s a
bigger picture at hand here. That`s where I drew the line, but we have to
do what`s best for all Americans.

SCHULTZ: OK. Congressman Patrick Murphy, congratulations. There`s a
lot of people that are happy that Allen West is no longer around. Good
win. Thank you.

MURPHY: Thank you very much.


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