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Post-Election, Governor Says States Must Continue to Lead

Press Release

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Governor Matt Mead said today that he is disappointed in the results of the presidential election. Voters in Wyoming decisively supported Governor Mitt Romney but he lost nationally. Governor Mead said that despite his concerns about another four years of an Obama Administration he is moving ahead and plans to continue to try to work with federal officials.

Governor Mead said he and other governors need to make sure states continue to do well. "This is a great opportunity for Republican Governors, collectively and individually, to keep our noses to the grindstone and make sure we have state leadership from our Governors."

Here in Wyoming Governor Mead is preparing his supplemental budget proposal. He said this will contain spending cuts of up to 8%. "We want to be fiscally conservative. Last session the Legislature asked for 4% budget cuts. I have asked the agencies to double that. Eight percent may not sound like a lot, but making these cuts is a difficult task to go through - it is one I am committed to and it is the right thing to do because we cannot outspend our revenue. We do not want to go the way of Washington."

Revenue to the state has declined as natural gas and coal prices have dropped. Governor Mead noted that most Wyoming agencies made cuts of 10% only a few years ago and some are already fulfilling Governor Mead's challenge to them to streamline state government. "I am looking at those agencies that went past the call of duty. For some of those I will not cut their budgets by the full 8%. They have consistently been fiscally conservative on their own without a call from a governor asking them to streamline their agency. The efforts of those agency directors should be recognized."

Governor Mead will release his proposed budget on November 30th. Today, Governor Mead also thanked the candidates who ran for office. He said, regardless of party affiliation, having people willing to step forward to try to make the state and country a better place is important.

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