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Rep. McKinley Responds to CONSOL Layoffs Due to EPA Permit Delays


Location: Washington, DC

CONSOL Energy recently announced it will be forced to lay off 145 workers before the holidays due to delays in the EPA's permitting process at a surface mine in West Virginia.

"This delay is costing good-paying jobs to our state's hard-working coal miners," said Rep. David B. McKinley. "This is just another example of the Obama Administration's relentless attack on the coal industry and its workers. For years, the EPA has been bullying coal companies and the workers they employ. It's amazing to think there are still people in Washington who think there is no war on coal. That is a dangerous denial."

CONSOL Energy is attributing the idling of its Miller Creek Coal Mine in Mingo County, W.Va. to a number of delays from the EPA that has prevented the company from securing all of the necessary environmental permits required to continue mining.

"Permitting delays are rampant in the coal industry and provide just another layer of uncertainty while thousands of workers and their families worry about their futures," said Rep. McKinley. "This is another example of death by a thousand slashes for the coal industry, whether it is delays on permits or new burdensome regulations on coal fired power plants."

"The EPA and the Obama Administration continue to harm thousands of workers and the millions of Americans who depend on affordable and reliable electricity from coal," added McKinley. "The constant attacks on coal have to stop."

CONSOL says the annual estimated economic impact of the complex is Mingo County in $161.6 million.

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