Robert's Round-Up: Time For The President And Senate To Join The House To Create American Jobs


By:  Robert Hurt
Date: Nov. 5, 2012
Location: Unknown

As I travel throughout the 5th District, it is clear that our families, small business owners, and farmers are hurting in this stagnant economy. For nearly four years now, we have been disappointed each month as we've learned that our jobless rates have remained unacceptably high while our local businesses are struggling and so many of our neighbors and friends remain out of work.

And the latest report brought no sign of good news. Just last week, we learned that the national unemployment rate is ticking upward, reaffirming that the President's tax and spend policies not only are not working, but they are actually making things worse.

The October unemployment numbers only confirm what we here in Virginia's 5th District know: the big government, stimulus spending policies that we have seen from Washington over the past four years have only served to limit job creation at a time when we are in desperate need of a real recovery.

Over the course of his tenure, the President has tried to make things better. He has signed into law a trillion dollar stimulus spending bill that was supposed to ensure that unemployment never reached above 8%. He has increased federal regulations and enacted a new health care law. And now he has proposed creating a new cabinet position in the federal government that he believes would spur job creation.

The President continues to propose growing the government to solve our jobs crisis. But 5th District Virginians and all Americans have seen that those policies are not creating the jobs that we need. Like the American people, House Republicans know that it is our Main Street businesses that grow our economy and create jobs -- not the federal government.

That is why we in the House have adopted a pro-growth plan that will get 5th District Virginians back to work. Our plan will help create the jobs we need by reforming our tax code and reducing job-destroying uncertainty, leading on a reasonable and responsible energy policy to keep costs low, and ensuring commonsense regulatory reform to remove federal barriers, such as the President's health care law, which crush our Main street businesses with additional taxes and regulations.

At a time when many places in our district have struggled with double-digit unemployment over the last four years, it is clear that we are headed in the wrong direction and it is clear that we must change course. That is why the House has proposed a different path forward that reduces the size and scope of the federal government and restores faith in the American people to create the jobs that we need.

As we return to Washington in the coming weeks, It is my hope that the Senate and the President cast aside partisan politics and step up to the plate at a time when the American people are counting on us to adopt policies that will boost our economy and restore full employment across Virginia's 5th District and this country.

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