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Federal Energy Task Force Aiding Efforts to Get Gasoline Infrastructe Back Online, Bishop Announces

Press Release

Location: Patchogue, NY

Congressman Tim Bishop announced that the Energy Department has established a team to assist local authorities in their efforts to get help get gas stations back online, as part of the coordinated Super Storm Sandy recovery effort on all levels of government.

To help state and local officials identify gas stations that are in need of emergency generators to restore power or are running short on fuel supplies, the Energy Department has established a toll-free number at 1-866-402-3775 that gas station owners and managers can now call if they need assistance from state and local officials in restoring power or securing supplies of gasoline following Super Storm Sandy.

"The situation will continue to improve in the coming days as gas deliveries increase, but this new federal effort to link service station owners with the resources they need to serve the public is a critical step in returning the system to normal," said Bishop.

As information is collected through the toll free hotline, it will be shared with FEMA's Energy Restoration Task Force for assistance coordination with local and state authorities so that they can direct response resources like generators and fuel to those affected gas stations. Before calling, owners and managers should have the following information on hand:

Does the gas station have power?
What is the gas station's current inventory of unleaded and diesel fuel?
Does the station have backup generation capabilities?
Is there a generator and does it need additional fuel?
Is the station pre-wired for a backup generator? If so, information on the type of connection (voltage, amperage and plug type) would also be helpful.
Where is the gas station located and who is the primary contact for assistance?
The federal government also has provided hundreds of generators to help critical infrastructure sites and fuel stations operate until full power is restored. Information collected from gas station owners and managers who call 1-866-402-3775 and report their condition to the government will help direct the distribution of those generators and other critical resources.

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