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The President's Policies are Wrong for the Economy


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Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement in response to today's jobless report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

"President Obama's go-to policies are wrong for this economy and our country as today's jobless report confirms.

"Nearly twenty-three million un or underemployed Americans are struggling to provide for their families under the weight of higher gas prices, more expensive groceries, and rising debt. They cannot wait for the President to keep stalling recovery with his misguided policies.

"For the first two years of his term, President Obama was unchallenged in enacting his ideological agenda -- one that was short on job creation and heavy on big government spending in the form of Stimulus and Obamacare. But his preferred policies have not worked. They have fallen short of their own promises and paved the way for this, the longest, slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression.

"The President's partisan ideas have been tried and they have failed. The severity of our economic challenges demand something better than politics-as-usual from the White House. The House of Representatives' thirty-plus bipartisan job creation bills are a good place for the President to start."

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