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Deficits & Debt


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Our 31st President Herbert Hoover once said, "blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt." I believe that we have a responsibility to leave this country better off for the next generation. Part of that duty should include addressing this debt crisis head on, not leaving it for the next generation to worry about later.

With our national debt now totaling more than $16 trillion, that equals$50,950for every man, woman and child in the United States. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has warned that more borrowing and higher debt will lead to more economic hardship and less opportunity. We can no longer continue to kick trillion dollar deficits down the road.

Our country must have a credible plan to pay down our mounting debt, and it shouldn't be a burden to job creators. This administration is proposing a massive tax increase on individuals and small businesses that will do nothing to reduce our deficit. The current proposal would hamstring small businesses and destroy more than 700,000 jobs, without cutting back our spending. It would not even make a dent in the annual budget deficits proposed by the President.

If we do not make the tough choices now, we will be putting the burden of a weak economy and higher taxes on our children and grandchildren. We cannot, in good conscience, accept this path for America. Please know that as your representative, I will continue to support fiscally responsible policies to lower our debt.

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