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Issue Position: Promoting jobs and economic opportunity

Issue Position

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Despite the great reductions in government spending this session, much work remains to be done. We need to make government even more affordable by identifying and eliminating wasteful spending, thereby reducing the tax burden on New Hampshire businesses and families and providing for new jobs and economic growth. To do this, I believe we should:

* Pass a strong RIGHT TO WORK law which will restore economic freedom to the people and attract high quality enterprise that usually heads south instead.
* Perform an audit of all state departments to determine which programs and employees are wasteful, unconstitutional, excessive or unnecessary, and eliminate them.
* Pass strong laws to require zero-based budgeting, under which state department heads would build each budget from zero. This would make the state justify every expense, and would remove the practice of using the previous budget cycle as a spending baseline.
* New Hampshire currently has the worst business tax rates in the country, which is causing businesses to flee the state. We must reduce the Business Enterprise Tax and the Business Profits Tax to attract new businesses and jobs back to our state.
* Enact a spending cap that forces the legislature to spend only what money is available and cut other spending using a prioritized list.
* Privatize each state office, service and function that can possibly be privatized.
* Return any savings to the people of New Hampshire by further tax cuts or repeal of existing taxes. Repeal all tax and fee increases passed by the Democrats over the past six years that have grown government, such as the gas tax and car registration fees.
* Pass a state constitutional amendment to prohibit a state income tax or state sales tax.

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