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By:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Date: Oct. 31, 2012
Location: Unknown


Romney has a long history of flip-flopping and dodging questions on a
number of important issues. He`s refused to, let`s see, give specifics on
his budget and tax plan. He`s refused to say if he supports the Lily
Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women. He`s refused to say if he would enter
one-on-one nuclear talks with the Iranians.

He`s refused to answer questions relating to Richard Mourdock`s rape
comments. And finally, Mitt Romney has actually refused to go on
Nickelodeon and answer questions from children.

Now, if Mitt Romney can`t answer questions from five-year-old kids,
how do you think that`s going to play with the national press corps? And
isn`t it interesting that Fox News can`t even get an interview with Mitt
Romney right now?

For more, let`s turn to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of
Florida. She`s the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.
Congresswoman, good to have you with us tonight. It`s a very strange
strategy being played out by Mitt Romney. What do you make of it?

boils down to is a matter of who do you trust? I mean, we know that there
is a very stark contrast and a clear choice in terms of the two directions
that we could go. But, I mean, time and again now, we have examples of
Mitt Romney either being blatantly dishonest, like with the Jeep ad and the
welfare ad, that, by the way, you know, weren`t announced -- I mean, maybe
Mitt Romney thinks that only voters are watching and not fact checkers,
but, you know, the fact that he has refused to answer where he is on all of
these issues, the fact that during the debates, he essentially hid his true
positions -- for example, he also is denying that he would turn Medicare
into a voucher system.

He denies that he has a five trillion dollar tax cut plan, skewed
towards the wealthy, that would increase taxes on the middle class. It
comes down to who do you trust?

SCHULTZ: Well, he just won`t answer any --

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: And President Obama has consistently been there.

SCHULTZ: No doubt. Now, with this storm, and the aftermath, you
think voters will react to Romney`s FEMA flip-flop? Is this a major issue
for him right now, where it would affect voters?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, you know, I think there`s a very clear
example here where you have the president, you know, making sure that we
put first things first, you lay politics aside, and both as the storm was
approaching and in the aftermath of the storm, that as commander in chief,
he`s protecting the Americans who are in harm`s way, and making sure that
we can get things cleaned up and get them -- their needs taken care of --

SCHULTZ: But, I mean, Mitt Romney has talking about privatizing this
part of the government. This has been his philosophy.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Yes. And as a Floridian, that`s very disturbing.
I can tell you that because six months of the year in Florida, we are in
harm`s way, potentially, during Hurricane Season, you know, that idea that
Mitt Romney, during the primaries, in answer to a point-blank question from
John King about whether or not we should get rid of -- rid of FEMA and send
its responsibilities to the states, he said, yes; and then even better, you
could go further and privatize it.

I mean, the aftermath of a storm is one in which it needs a
coordinated effort between state, federal, and local government, which
President Obama and Governor Christie and Governor Malloy and the other
elected officials in the region affected have been doing yeoman`s work. I
shudder to think about what we would do down here in Florida in the
aftermath of a storm if we didn`t have FEMA to coordinate everything.

SCHULTZ: The Koch Brothers` super PAC -- the Koch Brothers` super
PAC, Americans for Prosperity said today that they`re going to spend three
million dollars on anti-Obama advertising in Pennsylvania and Michigan all
the way up to election day. Now, six days, five days -- you know, a lot of
impact there. What`s your take on this? I mean, is this going to have an
impact? Are we going to see the full throat of Citizens United down the

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I`m sure that they`re going to go swimming in the
kitchen sink at this point. I mean, what they can`t get away from is that
we have been executing our ground game, that we built for almost two years
now. Actually, in some states, we never left, like North Carolina, like
Florida, where our organization has been there since the beginning of the
last campaign. And we`ve been executing. We`ve run circles around the
Republicans when it comes to early vote.

Just to give you an idea, Ed, there`s four or five counties here, Lee
County, Escambia (ph) County, Bregard County, Seminole County, that have
almost double digit or double-digit Republican registration advantages, and
there are many Democrats that have turned out to early vote than
Republicans. And that -- we`ve eclipsed them in early voting. We`ve run
circles around them in the ground game.

So let them swimming in the kitchen sink. And we`re going to keep
turning out voters. That`s what`s going to re-elect President Obama as
president of the United States.

SCHULTZ: So does President Obama win Florida?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: President Obama is going to win Florida, I am

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with us tonight.
Thanks so much.



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