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Location: Andover, NH

I am currently working with various agencies and groups to find solutions to provide better Mental Health Care and Rehabilitation Services for NH Citizens in Need. I will continue to work with all citizens and legislators to make our state the best state to live, work, and raise a family though bipartisan and fiscally conservative methods.

* For Individual Responsibility
* Limited Spending
* Smaller Government
* Helped defeat the federal Real ID unfunded mandate
* No Child Left Behind is leaving out Children behind
* No more tax increases including fees
* Pro-2nd Amendment
* Supports Home Schoolers

* Voted Against the LLC Tax , the Camping Tax, and all increases in taxes and fees including those that would increase the cost of health care in our state
* Voted Against increasing home school regulations
* Voted For patients rights and choices regarding Lyme Disease and Medical cannibis
* Voted Against the same sex marriage repeal
* Championed the NH Knife Rights Bill, supporting NH Sportsmen and women and working men and women across the state.
* Assisted many constituents having to deal with government agencies
* Championed the new Rt. 3 Purple Heart Trail to honor our service men and women
* Worked to strengthen laws against violent criminals and prime sponsored legislation

Better Representation
Lower Taxes and fees
No income tax
No sales tax
Smaller Government

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