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Issue Position: Big Government

Issue Position

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In the four years prior to the 2011 session our State Legislators put forward close to 4000 new bills and have enacted 382 new laws in the current session. Do we need more than 300 new laws every year? At this rate of government and regulatory growth how is it possible for the average citizen to know what is legal? Promoters of this Massachusetts style socialism want adults to wear helmets, fasten seatbelts and swim within 150 ft of the shoreline or face penalties. Even on your own property one must obtain a license at considerable cost for almost any activity. These laws are frivolous, illogical and ultimately an abuse of State Power.

Many rules and laws, however well-meaning, have been passed in haste and we are living with unintended consequences.

As your representative I will resist throwing money and regulation at every perceived problem and work to roll back laws that are over-reaching or obsolete. I will also support efforts to eliminate or trim back government agencies that have outlived their charter or are ineffective through a zero-based budget process.

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