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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Statement on the Vice Presidential Debate


Location: Houston, TX

Congresswoman Sheila Jacksons Lee released this statement following the Vice Presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky last night:

"Last night, Vice President Biden spoke directly to the choice we face in November. After seeing the fierceness of deception that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan have engaged in, it is necessary to insist upon the truth. Vice President Biden did that last night.

"This is the most important election of our lifetime. With the re-election of President Obama and Vice President Biden, we will go forward on a path for our nation to a stronger and more prosperous future for all Americans. The Romney-Ryan budget will enrich the wealthy and harm the middle class and will take us back.

"President Obama and Vice President Biden are committed to a thriving middle class, to protecting the Medicare guarantee, to investing in education, to advancing the role of women -- all with fairness and fiscal responsibility. The Romney-Ryan ticket will end the Medicare guarantee, provide more tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas at the expense of the middle class.

"Like Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan tried to hide the extreme policies they have endorsed, and again, last night Vice President Biden clearly presented the deception and duplicity of the Republican ticket."

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