Issue Position: General

Issue Position

By:  John Cebrowski
Date: Oct. 29, 2012
Location: Unknown

* Seek the opinions of Bedford residents, listen to unsolicited views, and respond to emails, calls, and letters.

* To leverage the experience I gained in the past two terms and make the most of the relationships I have built with a broad spectrum of people both in state government and with non-government stakeholder organizations.

* To propose legislation, with others or by myself, that is meaningful and aligned with the aforementioned issues to which I am sensitive, issues that will be of broad benefit to the people of New Hampshire. Legislation currently planned for 2013 includes:

o A bill to strengthen our budget process that will embed a culture of continuous improvement in state operations, and mandate performance metrics from all departments. This bill will foster improved services. It will repeal the maintenance budget and put in place an efficiency budget, a work product that will be decidedly useful for department heads, the governor, and the legislature.

o I will also be sponsoring a bill on behalf of recent Bedford High School graduate, Irina Davis, in regard to animal cruelty penalties. It was Irina's senior project.

* Make thoughtful decisions and cast votes for legislation that is consistent with my core values and positions, and is respectful of the US and New Hampshire constitutions.

* I am currently the sole House member who serves on the states Economic Development Advisory Council, and was successful in having the Division of Economic Development begin the process of creating a state economic development plan. I will seek renomination to that Council.

My positions include...

* Pro-Life and Pro-Family in all Matters

* Traditional Marriage

* Pro-Business and Economic Development

* Improved Efficiency in State Government

* Protection of our Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Citizens

* Healthcare Initiatives that Focus on Prevention

* Right-to-Work

* Local Control of Taxes and Education

* Environmental Stewardship

* No Broad-Based Taxes for NH

* No Expanded Gambling

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