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MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript


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REP. GWEN MOORE (D), WISCONSIN: Well, all I can tell you, as a
survivor of rape, legitimate rape, whatever kind of rape you want to call
it, I just caution the women of America to not allow Mitt Romney and these
senators to take over our government. They will totally eviscerate the
rights of women to control their own destiny.

I can tell you, rape is not rare. And you know, I differ with Michael
Steele and others who say that they have just been inarticulate. They are
really articulating the views of people who -- of members of Congress and
the president who believe that there should be no exceptions to abortion.
Their belief is that rape is just yet another form of conception.
They believe that rape is sort of an excuse or loophole that women use
in order to get an abortion. And I can tell you that 95 percent of all
rape victims are women, 25 percent of all women in their lifetime will
experience rape. That means your niece, your daughter, your granddaughter.

And if we start forcing women to have babies when they have raped, it
will cause such social chaos. And these men who would seek to be in charge
of our White House, our Supreme Court, and our United States Senate are a
danger to the health of women.

Rape causes post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal attempts,
visceral reactions. I can tell you that as a rape survivor, every time one
of these buffoons opens their mouths, Chris, it really -- I really recoil,
physically recoil with how disgusting this is. And it brings up terrible


MOORE: I just hope women of America are seeing that this is the dirty
little secret inside of the Republican Party. They have no respect for
women, no regard for women. They want to give rights to an embryo at the
expense of women`s health and women`s lives.

And they just want to get elected. You know, believe us for these 13
days. But I believe Mitt Romney and these senators -- I believe them for
what they have said the first time.

MATTHEWS: Yes, it seems like 14th Amendment...

MOORE: They have said that they would repeal...

MATTHEWS: Congresswoman, you`re an African-American. You know, the
14th Amendment came out of the Civil War. It was an attempt to make sure
that the freed slaves had the rights of citizenship and all those rights of
life, liberty and property.

Now to take the 14th Amendment and exploit it for this ideological
battle of craziness -- as you said, the fertilized egg has the rights over
the woman, who`s supposed to have control of her body under the law, and
doesn`t under this thing.

MOORE: And it does. And you know, and for Mitt Romney and these
senators to say that -- I mean, this is a woman`s entire life. I mean,
it`s her physical health, her mental health, her economic status. I can tell you something, Chris. As a mother of three, it`s hard enough to raise children when you plan a pregnancy, much less to have these men thrust pregnancy upon you. I can tell you that the Jerry Sandusky -- that`s the reason why we can`t pass the Violence Against Women Act, for example, because these men do not take the violence against women seriously. They perhaps think that rape is just a sort of a rite of passage.

But rape is pandemic. It`s a pandemic disease in this country. And
despite what Todd Akin says, you can become pregnant. And what is so
cynical is that once you become pregnant, these Republicans don`t want you
to have food stamps. They don`t want you to have WIC. They begrudge you a
safety net.

And so I am hoping that the women of America will believe these people
for what they are telling you. These are not misstatements. They are
stating what they actually believe.


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