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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Joining me tonight is Senator Barbara Boxer of California.
Senator, great to have you with us on this very important issue. And
this issue continues to steamroll across the country.


SCHULTZ: The latest numbers out show in the swing states that 39
percent of women in the swing states now say that abortion is the number
one issue. Senator, what does this mean?

BOXER: Well, let me just say right now, this is the moment of truth
for Mitt Romney and I think all of America, men and women, will see, all of
us will see, that he`s been tap dancing around all of this for too long.
He is not on the side of women.

It went back to the platform, Ed. You discussed it many times. The
Republican platform said we`re going to make abortion criminal and we`re
not going to protect women who are raped or the victims of incest. And
Mitt Romney never lifted one finger to change it.

Then he picked Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan who said, rape is a method of
conception. Can you imagine?

Then he had Akin, so he spoke out against Akin, but now he`s cut a
commercial for Mourdock who somehow got God into a rape situation.
This is the moment of truth. Do you remember when I was talking about
a war against women last year?


BOXER: And people said, well, what is that about? And I laid it out.
And now, I think it is coming to fruition where everyone sees it.
And I think Mitt Romney is in deep trouble. He said he`d be delighted
if he had legislation to overturn Roe v. Wade. He wants to get rid of
Planned Parenthood. He doesn`t get it.
He doesn`t even know if he`d sign an equal pay act.

SCHULTZ: Do you -- Senator, do you think that we need to hear more
from Mitt Romney on the comment of rape, and is it a gift from God?

BOXER: You know what? I`ve heard enough from Mitt Romney. He tries
to be multiple choice. Ed, you can`t be multiple choice.
A long time ago, he said he was for a woman`s right to choose. Then
he`s against it. Now he accepts this platform that makes women criminals
and doctors criminals. And he is backing Mourdock at this point and he
picked Paul Ryan.
Let`s not forget, Paul Ryan who wanted to make forms of birth control


BOXER: So I don`t need to hear more from him, Ed. I know this guy
has nothing in his heart that indicates to me he stands with women. So
whatever he says you can`t believe it anyway.

SCHULTZ: Senator --

BOXER: You know, you can`t just believe it.

SCHULTZ: Exactly. Do you agree with President Obama that Roe v. Wade
is at stake in this election?

BOXER: Without a doubt. There`s no question about it. It is hanging
by a thread. And that`s a whole issue that people don`t really think

You know, it`s -- there`s so many issues out there. But who picks the
next Supreme Court justices -- that is so important. And when you have a
Republican nominee who didn`t lift a finger to change the Republican
platform, that says abortion will be criminal, and no exception for rape,
no exception for incest.

Look, I want to just say one thing about the issue of rape. I don`t
know if you saw Congresswoman Gwen Moore. She was on one of the shows. I
believe it was -- I don`t remember whose it was. It was on MSNBC. I think
it was Chris.

And she talked about how she was a victim of rape and how you have
post traumatic stress and it scars you for life. Rape is a heinous crime.
In many states, Ed, half the states, there`s in statute of limitations. So
even 10, 20, 30 years later they find DNA, they can prosecute the

So, we are talking about a serious crime. Instead of being on the
side of the women, Mitt Romney`s all over the place and he stands with the
men, if I could just say, in the Congress who want to do away with women`s
rights and the right of women to privacy and to their health. And they
don`t trust women. And, you know, I believe certainly everyone has a right
to their religion and they should see this issue every way that they want
to. I don`t care --

SCHULTZ: But to legislate, the morality of it is a different thing.
No question.

BOXER: Don`t put it on everybody else. Let them have the right, with
their God and their family and their doctor to make their decision. And
that`s why we see Mitt Romney on the wrong side here. He doesn`t trust


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