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Senator Murray's Statement on Senate Republicans Killing the Veterans Jobs Corps Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, released the following statement after Senate Republicans killed her Veterans Jobs Corps Act which would have provided a $1 billion investment to help veterans find work as police officers, firefighters, and in other jobs serving their communities. Despite the fact that Veterans Jobs Corps Act was fully paid for, Senate Republicans raised a procedural point of order in order to kill the bill which would have required 60 votes to waive. The final vote on the point of order was 58-40.

"It's both shocking and shameful that Republicans today chose to kill a bill to put America's veterans back to work. At a time when one in four young veterans are unemployed, Republicans should have been able, for just this once, to put aside the politics of obstruction and to help these men and women provide for their families.

"But this vote is stark reminder that Senator McConnell and Senate Republicans are willing to do absolutely anything to fulfill the pledge he made nearly two years ago to defeat President Obama. It doesn't matter who gets in their way or which Americans they have to sacrifice in that pursuit, even if it's our nation's veterans.

"It's unbelievable that even after more than a decade of war many Republicans still will not acknowledge that the treatment of our veterans is a cost of war. Today they voted down a fully paid for bill that included bipartisan ideas to put veterans in jobs that will allow them to serve their communities. Jobs that would have helped provide veterans with the self-esteem that is so critical to their successful transition home.

"Today Senate Republicans told the less than 1% of Americans who have spent the last decade serving and sacrificing for the other 99% of Americans that they are not willing to honor that sacrifice with new investments in their well-being when they return home."


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