A Strong America


By:  Paul Ryan
Date: Oct. 25, 2012
Location: Unknown

On Monday night, Americans got to see Mitt Romney's clear vision for foreign policy.

The Romney foreign policy will be a peace-through-strength foreign policy. We will speak with confidence and clarity in the cause of freedom. We will not gut our military through arbitrary defense cuts -- we will strengthen our military.

We've witnessed President Obama's unraveling foreign policy. Under President Obama, we've seen 23 million Americans struggling for work, weak economic growth, massive government debt, and the prospect of severe cuts to our defense budget.

In a Romney presidency, America will not be at the mercy of world events -- we will shape world events. We will show leadership in the world, and unlike the current administration, we will never "lead from behind" -- which will make the world safer.

As commander in chief, Mitt will work tirelessly to strengthen America and bring hope to future generations.

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