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Westmoreland Meets with Local Business Representatives to Discuss Solutions to Unemployment and Economic Issues

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Last month, Congressman Westmoreland held seven advisory council meetings where he met with local business people to discuss how the decisions being made in Washington are affecting people in Georgia.

"I want to thank all of those people who attended one of my advisory council meetings," stated Westmoreland. "We can't fix our economy and get people back to work by relying on bureaucrats in Washington to come up with solutions. These people on the ground who are working in these industries every day know what's really causing the problems and what can be done to help."

At each meeting, representatives from industries prevalent in Georgia, including banking, construction, agriculture, health care, energy, manufacturing and small business, discussed the major issues facing them and what Congressman Westmoreland could do to help them. For example, the meeting with representatives from the energy industry focused primarily on the overreach of the EPA and Congressman Westmoreland discussed some of the steps House Republicans have taken this Congress to curb the negative impact of the EPA.

"Washington bureaucrats do not know what's best for Georgia businesses," stated Westmoreland. "In fact, whenever the federal government gets involved, they usually just muck up the works -- something we've seen happening over the last four years of the regulator-in-chief we've got in the White House right now. That's why I host these advisory council meetings. While I'm sure a congressional hearing with Ben Bernanke or Timothy Geithner might make for good television, if we really want to develop actual solutions to the problems facing American companies today we need to talk to the people who work at and run those companies."

Congressman Westmoreland hosts these advisory council meetings several times a Congress and meets with different industries.

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