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Issue Position: Vision for the Future

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

My Three R Plan:

Rethink Priorities

The priorities in Augusta need to stem directly from what the people want their elected officials to fight for.

Reform Policy

Based on this new set of priorities from the constituents, policies need to be reformed in order to carry out the people's work.

Renew Commitment

If we rethink the priorities with what the people actually want, and reform the policies to reflect that, we can then renew the commitment of a representative democracy. This means advocating for the needs of people on Main Street.

Only when we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people can real solutions develop. It shouldn't be about the D or the R after someone's name; it should be about doing what is right over what is easy.
We cannot keep electing the same people to office and yet in the same breath expect a different result. Who is actually working tirelessly to help end the partisan bickering and re-establish a structure for solving the real problems in our state?

If each of us speaks out and holds officials accountable, no longer will our so-called leaders be able to hide behind a veil of status quo as their constituents are crying out for change.

While it might seem naive to think that our political system can change, the goal post must be set. It's time politicians in those hallowed halls of Maine's capitol city remember who they work for and who they should be fighting for each and every day. We hold more power than they want us to believe. It's time to use it at the ballot box this next election.

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