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Issue Position: Government For the People

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Government for The People

Many people find it hard to trust government, and a few have taken the time to tell me so as I have visited their homes. There is diminished hope that government can and will act to represent their best interests. And that is understandable, particularly at the federal level where special interests and big money abound, and the courts have ruled that corporations are people and money is speech.

Corporations are not People! I think most of us share that view. Because only people bleed in service to their country, only people struggle to be free, and only people are eulogized upon passing. I hope all of you are with me in supporting a constitutional amendment to firmly establish that only people are people.

I believe in Maine's Clean Election law -- establishing the means for citizens to run for public office, and only be beholding to the people they represent, not large contributions by any person, corporation, or special interest to exert undue influence that would erode the public trust. It would serve the nation well to establish this same practice at the federal level.

I will work to strengthen Maine's clean election system to remain competitive and equal to the task of restoring the voices of people and the trust of everyone.

I believe government is an instrument of the people. It exists to fulfil our social contract with each other as a society, just as neighbors to each other, and in keeping with our constitution and our shared beliefs that government by the people, for the people and of the people is our greatest hope as a nation. Our problems with government cannot be fixed by labelling government as the problem. They can be fixed by exercising the greatest power citizens have -- the power to vote -- and elect people who believe that fixing those problems and acting in ways that restore the public trust are essential.

And that is why I campaigned for the People's Veto that preserved same day voter registration with overwhelming voter support in 2011.

Many people, myself included, have found the following speech to be riveting, and a source of much common ground with people of all parties: Jeffrey Sachs at the Commonwealth Club of California 10/10/2011.

We do have problems. And as Sachs points out -- those problems have been building for years. We can overcome them in time, but only through correctly identifying the causes, then all standing up for our beliefs and starting to act like we are all in this together. Because we are.

Government for The People -- Only People are People -- Restore Public Trust

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