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David Deitz

Location: Washington, DC

DAVID DIETZ -- (Senate - November 19, 2004)

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Mr. BIDEN. Mr. President, I rise today to honor a great Delawarean and a great American, David Dietz. David is a stellar example of an individual whose remarkable success in business has not diminished his commitment to the betterment of his community and those in need.

If you traveled around Delaware asking folks about David Dietz, you would quickly learn the extent of his impact. In the business world, David has served on numerous committees, won an abundance of awards, and his restaurant, the Brandywine Brewing Company, in Greenville, has been named the Best of Delaware several times over. Yet I believe that it is when David steps out of his role as businessman and entrepreneur he truly shines.

David is a man with many causes-juvenile diabetes, child abuse prevention-but it is his involvement with women's health that moves me to recognize him today.

In 1993, as a response to Delaware's high breast cancer mortality rate, my wife Jill was driven to form the Biden Breast Health Initiative. BBHI is a nonprofit organization devoted to educating young women on breast health and the importance of early detection in fighting breast cancer. Two years ago, BBHI introduced the Educate For Life scholarship program, which offers three grants to Delaware high school seniors-one student from each of Delaware's counties-who will pursue educational opportunities in the fields of health care or education. This year, as well as the year of its inception, the Educate for Life benefit has been sponsored by David's restaurant, and it has been a resounding success.

David not only generously donates his time and expertise to the planning and implementation of the event, but also a portion of the evening's proceeds. We could not do it without him and his staff.

For his deeply felt responsibility to the community, for his dedication to being a man of action and not just words, and for his ability to reach out to others in need, I am pleased to acknowledge David Dietz.
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