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Issue Position: Limited Government - Restoring Balance between State & Federal Government

Issue Position


As a republican I strongly believe that the government closest to the people governs best. I am proud to have the endorsement of U.S. Senator Mike Lee. While he is in Washington D.C. trying to help keep the federal government from intruding into our lives, I will be working at the Utah Capitol, helping to push them back.

This does not only apply to the federal government however. We have to remember that our Counties and Cities have elected leaders who are closest to the needs of their citizens. We need to allow these public entities to have the flexibility they need to do what they feel is best for their unique challenges.

We must fight to keep government from intruding into our lives and reduce burdensome regulations that make it difficult for businesses to succeed. I strongly oppose ObamaCare, and will oppose other attempts of the federal government to push more regulation and control over our state and our lives.

It is important to have a representative who understand the proper role of government. We need to reduce government regulations and intrusions into our life at all levels, while protecting necessary state government programs such as education.

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