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Grassley Seeks Verification for Electric Vehicle Grant Jobs Statement


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Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa is tracking the effectiveness of the Administration's grants toward the electrification of vehicles. One of grant recipients once considered the most promising, A123 Systems, filed for bankruptcy this week. Grassley made the following comment on the Administration's statement that its $2 billion in grants for electric vehicles led to the employment of "thousands of American workers."

Sen. Grassley comment --

"The Administration says it's awarded $2 billion in grants to 29 companies involved in the electrification of vehicles, leading to the employment of "thousands of American workers.' This comes after the Administration, through the Department of Energy, told my staff it doesn't verify or update job creation statistics provided by grant and loan recipients. I've asked the Administration for a detailed break-down of the job numbers that justify the statement that thousands of American workers are employed as a result of federal grants for electric vehicles. The public deserves an accurate, current accounting of the numbers that justify the claim of jobs directly related to federal spending. That's the only way to quantify whether the federal spending accomplished what the Administration said it would accomplish. Claims of job creation without verification are meaningless, and right now, there's zero verification."

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