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Fighting for San Francisco's Seniors


Location: Unknown

House Republicans continue to support a plan to end Medicare as we know it; raising costs on our nation's seniors and reducing their benefits. In San Francisco, their plan would:

Eliminate new preventive care benefits for 97,000 Medicare beneficiaries in San Francisco.
Force 97,000 Medicare beneficiaries in San Francisco who are currently enrolled in traditional Medicare to pay thousands of dollars more in premiums to remain in traditional Medicare after Medicare becomes a voucher program.
Reduce coverage for 39,700 Medicare beneficiaries who rely on Medicaid to supplement their Medicare coverage, potentially denying them over $1.39 billion in health benefits.
Place 91,000 district seniors at increased risk of fraud, scams, and elder abuse by cutting as much as $6 billion in funding for federal consumer protection and law enforcement.
Please be assured that I will fight alongside my Democratic colleagues to prevent these extreme cuts from occurring. Congress should be working to strengthen Medicare, not weaken it.

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