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Joe Biden, Back in Florida


Location: Unknown

"I come see Joe Biden whenever he comes to town, because Joe Biden speaks from the heart. I relate to him, he relates to me. He and President Obama--I appreciate what they're doing for this country."
--Kenny, a proud Veteran for Obama who saw the Vice President in Fort Pierce, Florida

When Vice President Joe Biden hit the stage today, he was fired up about a new term that gets to the heart of the choice between Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan: "Romnesia." Here's what he said about it:

"[Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan] have two core principles that they've been running on for the past three years. The first one is a $5 trillion tax cut and significantly cutting entitlement programs and education programs. But all of a sudden you heard Governor Romney claim, "A $5 trillion tax cut? What are you talking about?' All of a sudden, as my little granddaughter Natalie would say, "What happened? Did Casper the Ghost steal it?' I mean, where did it go? That was the core of what they're running on.

"The President has a new term for this sort of ability to change your mind so quickly. He calls it "Romnesia'. Boy, I tell you what, I hope you all don't get Romnesia. It's a bad disease--and it's contagious. Because all of a sudden, Paul Ryan, the budget hawk, the guy who introduced a whole budget plan that actually already passed the House of Representatives--all of a sudden he doesn't remember it. He doesn't remember what it actually does to the vital programs that mean so much to ordinary people. He says it doesn't cut, it just slows growth.

"Folks, Ryan saying his budget doesn't decimate Medicare and Medicaid and eviscerate education, it's a little like Mitt Romney standing in an unemployment line in Florida and turning to the guy and saying, "Look, I didn't outsource your job--I offshored it.'"

Recent retirees Karen and John were in the crowd today. They drove all the way down to Hillsborough County from Utah to volunteer for President Obama over the final weeks. When they read about how important Florida was going to be in this election, and how important Hillsborough County was going to be to winning Florida, they knew they could not sit on the sidelines. They started out registering voters, and now Karen canvasses the neighborhood while her husband serves as a phone bank captain at the local Sun City office.

"The response has been so positive," Karen says. "People are excited about President Obama, about the progress we've made, and the plans he's laid out for the future."

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