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Issue Position: Montanan's Rights

Issue Position

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Have you noticed that every year more laws are enacted that are basically aimed at protecting us from ourselves? These laws are created by members of the United States Congress, members of Montana's Legislature and are even enacted locally.

Most of us don't mind the few intelligent acts that Congress passes occasionally, such as making cell phone chargers universal, but these common sense laws have become the exception rather than the rule. Below are a few examples of laws that appear to be for the greater good, but unfortunately, are just the beginning of the slide down the slippery slope of losing our individual rights and freedoms for measures that abolish personal choice and freewill.

Smoking Ban -- Daniel strongly stands for business, small and large, to be able to make its own decision along with making responsible choices for the public good.

Business Codes -- Daniel believes that fledgling new businesses are overburdened with unnecessary codes and regulations created to appease the Federal government rather than Montanans.

Federal Government ID Acts -- Daniel believes that this issue should remain a Montana issue without direction or regulation from the Federal government.

Gun Laws -- Daniel stands for the right to purchase firearms, ammunition and most firearm-related parts. He staunchly opposes firearm registration.

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