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Issue Position: Stop Spending

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During the past several decades, the perception of debt has changed significantly throughout the United States. In the past, debt was perceived as negative and embarrassing with an understanding that nothing was truly owned by an individual until it was completely paid off. The modern perception is that debt is nothing but a tool that will allow us to obtain goods we feel we deserve today. Going into debt has been justified in our society with the idea that we can eventually pay it off or just deal with it in the future.

One unique thing Daniel has come to realize is that contrary to the average American, most Montanans have been taught to live within their means financially. This includes the standard view of saving for big purchases and the basic principle "if you can't afford it, don't buy it."

Montana's government does not follow the same mentality. Taxes are paid from hard-earned wages and money is readily available to legislators and elected officials. Daniel would compare this to giving money to your young child. The child does not have a relative value of the money since it was so easily obtained and not earned. Elected officials, like children, don't seem to understand the fact that taxes are earned by someone who could have made better use for that money such as their child's college fund, business, savings account, investment plan or towards paying off medical or mortgage bills.

After realizing how government wastes money and that most programs sound good but rarely reach anticipated goals, Daniel has come to the realization that the best way to spend taxpayers money is to spend as little of it as possible. Daniel Zolnikov will work to keep your money in your hands.

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