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Issue Position: The F35s

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I have posted here my position as expressed in an e-mail responding to a constituent's concerns:

I share your concerns.
I was "undecided" on the matter of the F-35s coming here until the report from the Air Force was issued earlier this year. After studying that information, from the Air Force itself, I could not fathom why we were even on the list, much less how we could be a preferred site. The dialogue and revelations subsequent to the EIS being issued have done nothing to sway me from opposing the assignment of those planes here. Further, your points regarding noise abatement and mitigation are "right on," in my view.

I am a legislative candidate, and a first-time legislative candidate at that. I am learning as quickly as I can, on many issues, including seeking thoughts from my campaign treasurer (Bob Walsh), who also lives in the Country Club Estates neighborhood. That said, I did write to our congressional delegation, believing that it is with them that the ultimate potential for making something happen lies -- whether that be the basing of the planes here or elsewhere, but if here, then to at least use their "muscle" to help us "survive" the presence of the F35s. Thankfully, the City Council and in particular the Chair have been strong on the "bed-down" question. If the planes do indeed come here, I believe it imperative that the City Council use its "muscle" to to help us "survive."

I have been told several times now that the F35s and attendant issues are not germane to the Legislature. Even so, I believe that I have a right and a responsibility -- as do all concerned citizens -- to make my citizen's voice heard where there is a chance of it making a difference. I have tried to do that, and will continue to do so. We'll see how this all goes, one step at a time.

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